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Tribus Microbes Original - 1 Liter

Tribus Microbes Original - 1 Liter

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The First USDA Certified Biobased Product

Seedling to Harvest, All-In-One, Liquid Blend

A highly-concentrated, targeted blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria that can be used with organic or conventional growing practices to increase crop quality and quantity.

These bacteria work symbiotically with the plant by producing enzymes and other biochemicals that mobilize nutrient availability and uptake, improving root and stem growth, and increasing the plant’s growth rate while simultaneously protecting the plant from abiotic stresses by forming a thick biofilm over the root surfaces. 

Further, Tribus aids in iron uptake by producing siderophores (iron-chelating compounds) as well in the availability and uptake of other micronutrients. Tribus Original™ has a minimum one year guaranteed shelf life.


-Bacillus subtilis

-Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

-Bacillus pumilus


10,000,000,000 CFU/ml

(10 billion colony forming units per milliliter) 


growth promotion


hydroponic, soilless, or soil based container growing applications; agricultural (field) 

Application rates (container): 

Rate: 1ml/gallon of nutrient solution

Frequency: Every watering

Application rates (field): 

Rate: 1-5 L/acre

Frequency: 2-4 applications per month

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