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Twister T2 Dry Trimmer + Free Drying Rack & Scissors

Twister T2 Dry Trimmer + Free Drying Rack & Scissors

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  • Extremely Fast 19,250 cuts PER SECOND
  • Powerful and Durable Features such as tubular chassis and 1HP motor ensure continuous, high performance
  • Consistent Cut Trimmed pieces are of uniform quality, hour after hour; day after day
  • Low Maintenance No paint to chip or flake; strips down for complete cleaning access in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS with NO tools; fully serviceable by end-user
  • Low Power Usage Only needs 9 Amps to run on 240 voltage. Even though it says 45 Amps startup, you only need to run this unit off a 15 Amp breaker.

  • The Twister T2 Trimming Machine is the world's fastest leaf trimmer, equipped with the industry's most powerful vacuum along with proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your product. Its unique, scalable engineering allows for back-to-back tandem use to notably boost productivity, comfortably accommodate large batches and allow for operational growth. Distinctive rotation technology makes the Twister adaptable for use on a broad variety of plants.

  • QuickClick technology ensures ultra fast, extremely precise blade adjusment (.0009" / .023mm per click)
  • Tubular chassis provides unrivalled strength and protection. It also allows the machine to be rolled upside down for easy cleaning.
  • 11 StaySharp self-sharpening blades are maintenance-free and perform 19,250 cuts every 60 seconds.
  • Designed for back-to-back tandem use, for even greater performance gains.
  • Easy-to-use tumbler adjustors raise or lower the cut height, providing maximum control over the look and feel of the finished product.
  • Quick-release tumbler block makes switching out dirty or plant-specific tumblers a breeze.
  • Watertight components allow for complete high-pressure washdown.
  • Large, durable 9" pneumatic wheels ensure smooth and effortless movement over rough terrain.
  • Extremely durable and waterproof canvas cover provides ultimate protection for your machine when not in use. And the lightweight, minimalist design ensures it folds and stores easily, staying out of your way when you don't need it.
  • The low profile Twister T2 Leaf collector is the most powerful vacuum in the industry, allowing greater hose lengths and extended intervals between cleaning. The heavy duty fan-cooled motor has a continuous duty rating for commercial use. The 80 micron filter bag ensures maximum airflow for extended periods while the balanced aluminum impeller keeps noise to a minimum. The extra thick 3mil collection bag ensures no ripping and odor when disposed of. Built-in circuitry protects your investment from misuse.
  • The T2 tumbler's electropolished surface provides an effective non-stick coating, while the 50-slot design ensures maximum cutting area. 304 Stainless Steel ensures maximum strength and durability.
  • Industrial 3-phase motor control circuitry offers thermal protection of motors. Super bright LED's alert user when motors are in operation. Large extended stop button for quick shutdown. Nema 4X enclosure keeps everything watertight and corrosion resistant.
  • Lightweight removable hopper allows for maximum control over processing speed.
  • Precision urethane rollers maintain accurate tumbler roll.
  • Multiple grease points ensure blades last a lifetime.
  • 2 Year Warranty (Not limited. Not maybe. If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period.)

  • Ships with machine, stainless steel tumbler, 230v vacuum hose, canvas cover, hopper, owners manual

    The Twister T2 is the ultimate plant leaf trimmer available on the indoor growing and hydroponics market. No other Trimming machine has the capacity, warranty, and build quality of the Twister T2 Trimmer. If you want the best, get a Twister T2 Trimmer.

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